Introducing TADA TALKS: A New TADA Podcast series

We’ll be exploring the latest topics affecting the automotive industry. 

Maria Soklis TADA Podcast Diversity
Maria Soklis TADA Podcast Diversity

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PART 1: In our first episode, we explore steps you can take during the winter to reduce risks as well as cyberthreats, the insurance market in Ontario and the 360 Garage Insurance program.

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PART 2: We continue with insurance expert Martin Lee discussing how to protect your dealerships data, reduce risks from fire and more risk mitigation steps you can implement today.

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Frank Notte Podcast COVID

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Hear how the TADA lobbied the Ontario Government early on in the pandemic as well as issues of importance such as in-dealership licensing and amendments to the MVDA.

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We are committed to helping educate and explore all topics within the automotive industry that effect our dealer members. If you have a suggested topic for an episode of TADA talks please reach out to