TAD Foundation

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Foundation continues to support health, education, and social responsibility programs throughout Ontario, on behalf of TADA members.

Driven to support Ontario

The TADF was founded in 2001 in an effort to give Ontario new car dealers a common purpose and a voice in supporting charitable endeavours, and to spearhead the philanthropic vision of the TADA. As the charitable arm of the TADA this foundation has spent the past 17 years supporting a wide spectrum of groups and associations the benefit people and communities across Ontario.

Recent TADF Activities

In May, 2018, the TADA donated $75,000 to the OPACC (opacc.org), a registered charity that serves as the parent voice for families with children diagnosed with cancer across Ontario; and $100,000 to Jack.org, a national organization of young leaders who are changing public perceptions about mental health.

TADF Highlights

In November 2011, the TADF donated $2 million dollars towards construction costs of the TADA Gift of Life Wing of the new Toronto Ronald McDonald House (RMH). This is the largest RMH in the world and the TADF gift made it possible to accommodate more Ontario families with seriously ill children, who are awaiting or receiving treatment at neighbouring hospitals.

In 2013, The TADF made a donated $1 million to the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto. The Holland Bloorview Concussion Research Centre focuses on identifying the injury, assessing the injuries, and managing the injury.

TADA’s $1-million gift, combined with government funding, helped to launch the Concussion Research Centre to provide research and response for appropriate treatments for boys and girls who have suffered a concussion.

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