In this episode of TADA Talks Todd Bourgon and Executive Vice President of A&R Solutions and Dealer Security, Jordan Chezy discusses the rise in vehicle theft and the surprising rise in vehicle parting. Chezy discusses the best practices dealers can take to protect their business.

Podcast Highlights:

Not just vehicle theft to be aware of, vehicle parting is on the rise as people continue to feel economic pressure from the global pandemic. 

Vehicle Theft is usually tied to organized crime. The increase in parting is evident of petty theft.

Vehicle Theft Insight: Instead of the luxury vehicles being targeted to be sold overseas, we are seeing a trend of vehicles being stolen in order to commit other crimes.

Parting Theft Insight: Used to gather materials for repairs. Targeting vehicles with expensive parts.

Actions Dealers can take to reduce theft:

  • Reduce the risk of FOBs being scanned throughout the dealership: 
    • Be vigilant about restricted areas if there is someone who appears lost make sure to approach them to ask if they need help. You’re assisting a potential customer but also signalling that this area is watched.
  • Invest in security cameras
    • With the proper surveillance system you can be proactive in deterring theft.
    • While having a physical guard is a good deterrent, due to human error there is always going to be a lack in surveillance, a disruption in coverage.
    • Some regions will not send police cruisers if there is no video evidence.

TADA Talks with

Baris Akyurek Tada talks

Jordan Chezy

Executive Vice President of A&R Solutions and Dealer Security

Jordan has nearly 20 years of experience with IT and Corporate Finance, which he adds to another 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. As Executive Vice President of A&R Solutions and Dealer Security today, his many roles include working with dealerships and OEM’s to assess and manage business risk in areas such as IT infrastructure, data continuity and uptime, cyber security, data compliance and security of physical assets.  Supporting more than 20% of all OEM dealers through Canada, operating coast to coast, Jordan is working to see A&R and Dealer Security be the primary standard for dealership IT and cyber & physical security.



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