Instagram Business Profile And The Benefits Of It
Published on:February 17, 2021
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This small configuration to your Instagram profile can enhance your social media efforts exponentially. Whether you are switching your personal account to a business page or you’re in the midst of creating your first Instagram page taking advantage of the great features will boost your marketing plans.

How to Get an Instagram Business Account:

Converting to an Instagram business page is fairly simple whether you are creating an Instagram profile for the first time or you’ve had a personal account and want to get started with taking advantage of these incredible features, Instagram has made this process very simple and here is how.

1) In your personal account click on your profile page and click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the page, click on the Settings icon at the top of the list (a gear symbol)

2) Click the Account icon on the lower half of the list, continue to the next list where you will find at the very bottom “Switch to Professional Account” with a blue highlighted colour.

3) proceed through the intro which displays what a professional account does, select a category that best fits your professional/business page ie. Automotive Dealership.

4) Select whether this account will be dedicated to being a business page or a professional page for example a car dealership would choose business and a sales representative would choose a professional page. This is how you would create a business page on Instagram

There are a plethora of benefits to using a business page on Instagram which includes a descriptive account that provides more buttons (more access points to you) for users to take advantage of.

The Shop button: Displayed directly on your home page which enables your account to showcase products that you sell and allow consumers to take actionable steps towards purchasing your products. The Shop button also allows you to separate your engaging social posts with a product catalogue for a user-friendly experience. This Shop feature is paired with the Facebook store giving you the ability to cross-platform saving you time and increasing awareness of your business.

The Insights button: Insights into how your customers interact with your content can help you pivot in how you are using Instagram to better suit the desires of your consumers. The Insights tab displays analytics such as impressions, audience, interactions, and many more comparisons to assess which content is working. 

The Promotion button: This feature can help to increase your reach by acting as an ad that will display on Instagram user’s accounts. With this feature you’ll be able to reach a larger audience, meaning more eyes on your products.

Insights are important to your marketing efforts through social channels such as Instagram, they can allow you to better understand your audience and allow you to make more informed decisions when content creating for your business. The lucrative benefit of having greater insights is the ability to view what your consumers are doing with your content or profile.

Insights through Instagram shows you numbers such as your reach on each individual post, number of shares your post received, profile visits, impressions and the ability to promote a previous post. These numbers are important because it tells you how many people found interest in this post enough for them to come back to my profile where I can convert them into a customer through a website link or an Instagram shop purchase.

The audience is an insight provided through an Instagram business which enables you to have a full view of the demographics of your consumers along with the most active hours and days during the week.

The Instagram business profile allows you to generate leads by creating a more trustworthy experience for your consumers.  The business page is a more professionally-oriented setting where consumers are connected to a service or product platform to make converting decisions.

Having the option to display clear call to actions such as website taps, phone number displays and email taps puts the consumer in a better position to make a more informed decision on what your page has to offer. The ability to utilize the intuitive message board to communicate to new and existing consumers while also being able to filter the messages for flagged and unread makes generating leads all that easier and best of all it’s FREE. Make sure you’re showing up where your customers are already spending their time. 

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