Dynamic Balloons 12 Month Giveaway

Asian Heritage Month - Ricko Lau: Sales Manager at Toronto Hyundai

12-month subscription to our basic indoor balloon program. (Changeover – seasonally 4x/year)


Initially, a designer will go out to the dealer to view the showroom and decide on the best arrangement of the balloons. The dealer may wish to run with our seasonal colours or pick a combination of their choosing.



Once completed, the installation date will be scheduled… usually about a week or so later. Prior to installation, the balloons will be polished and sanitized.

On the installation date, the dealer doesn’t have to do a thing. No cars need to be moved, as we do everything by extension poles. The balloons are filled with air and with fishing-line hang from the ceiling by powerful magnets designed especially for this purpose. The initial installation usually takes about 3 hours with subsequent visits about 2 hours.


In 3 months, (each quarter) we will come out and change the balloons for a different arrangement. A couple of weeks prior we’ll contact the dealer to see if they have any colour preference.


The balloons are multi-use and engineered to shine. We guarantee the balloons will never deflate while on display. Should there ever be an issue with a balloon going soft, the dealer will just call, and we’ll take care of it.

The annual program giveaway is for 2 dealers and will be for one full-year subscription. Total value $3540.00 each.

As the world starts to turn away from single-use, Dynamic Balloons is a more environmentally conscious choice in creating cheerful showrooms without helium and single-use latex. We’re proud to offer multi-use balloons that everyone can feel better about.

How to Register your dealership for a chance to win!

Step 1: For your dealership to be entered you must be a TADA member dealership and be following our TADA socials from your dealer accounts.

Step 2: Tag three associates at your corresponding dealerships to this post.

Step 3: Like this post and Comment on your anticipated balloon colour combo and use the hashtag #dynamicballoons2021 and give @dynamicballoons a follow

*limited to one entry per dealership


Each verified registration will be entered into our data, and be selected by computerized technology randomly on June 16th


Good luck to all dealerships!

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