Asian Heritage Month – Ricko Lau’s Transition into the Canadian Automotive Industry

Asian Heritage Month - Ricko Lau: Sales Manager at Toronto Hyundai

As part of our Initiative for Asian Heritage Month, we had the pleasure of hearing Ricko Lau, Sales Manager at Toronto Hyundai on his story of succeeding in Canada and the Automotive industry

What was your experience migrating to Canada


My name is Ricko Lau, 36 years old, I am one of the Sales Managers at Toronto Hyundai. In 2002 I studied in Canada as a visa student, shortly after I finished my study, I went back to Hong Kong and become a police officer for twelve years since 2007. After a discussion with my wife, we decided to grow our family in Canada due to our love for the environment in this nation, we decided to move back in 2018. The following year I joined the Toronto Hyundai family as a sales consultant.

How did you navigate the Canadian workforce

As my initial start in Toronto Hyundai, I came in as a 34-year-old completely new to this career in automotive, I took my previous training by the Hong Kong Police Force which made me become a well-planned, responsible and thoughtful person who will never give up. I worked so hard and spent a lot of time every day learning the car selling skills and the internal systems, I read more articles on the internet to explore more knowledge for this career. The most important thing is that I had many supportive peers at Toronto Hyundai, all my colleagues and managers were continually willing to help me when I was faced with questions and issues. Given his positional seniority the owner Benjamin Leung, still took his time to be my mentor. He taught me from Zero and displayed care about my concerns and needs.


What is your perspective on the automotive industry and what are your goals

From my perspective, the Auto industry is very interesting and filled with opportunities, my goal is to treat my customer as my family member and do my best to help them choose their car with my skills and abilities. Some friends thought that I was too late to step in this career, but “mission impossible” is kind of my style and I never give up when facing obstacles, like Roy T. Bennett said “Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”


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