Asian Heritage Month – How Ming Ge discovers success in the Automotive Industry

Asian Heritage Month - Ricko Lau: Sales Manager at Toronto Hyundai

As part of our Initiative for Asian Heritage Month, we had the pleasure of hearing Ming Ge, Sales Consultant at Waterloo Volkswagen on his story of succeeding in Canada and the Automotive industry

What brought you to Canada? 

I was a university teacher in China, I decided to immigrate to Canada in 2001 to support my wife while she was studying at the Univerity of Waterloo. Initially, I wanted to study again at university, but through good fortune, I was able to find a job that fit my needs at the given time.

Tell us your greatest experiences participating in the Canadian workforce

I was working at Futureshop from 2004-2015, I had many successes there and meet great colleagues, my co-worker and manager were very supportive, they were integral in my eventual learning of English. The patience they displayed while providing excellent training was exponential to my growth in my professional career, I still follow those initial sales training steps nowadays and find them useful every single day.


How did you navigate your career in the Automotive Industry?

For me it was a transition, Futureshop had closed in March 2015. After building a strong network of clientele I found that many were in the Auto business. I decided that was the path I wanted to partake in and found it fairly smooth to find a sales consultant position at Waterloo Honda due to my past experience in sales. I had been in sales for about 12 years before transitioning into the auto business, it was totally different from selling laptops or TVs. I was grateful to receive a great training process at Waterloo Honda and Waterloo Volkswagen, that allowed me to follow the steps and most importantly is take care of the clients. I achieved Honda council lead sales from 2017-2020. This was an important achievement for me that showcased my hard work.


What legacy do you want to leave in your career?

 An important part of my career is clients and early on I realized, helping my clients meant I would receive the help back. Taking care of my clients and my clients will take care of me both in positive ways. The gratification I took from dealing with clients put a smile on my face and allowed me to feel successful every time I was given the opportunity to put a new car key in my client’s hand.


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